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Earn Chainlink Staking Rewards

LinkStake automatically allocates Chainlink between the highest yielding nodes.

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Managed Chainlink
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The simple, secure way to stake Chainlink

Maintain control

Your staked Chainlink is stored in a non-custodial smart contract. You can withdraw at any point in time.

Earn Rewards

Generate rewards by staking your Chainlink tokens. Reward rates are dynamic and set by the network.

Protect Your Assets

Secure your Chainlink across multiple nodes. Learn more about security here.

How it Works

LinkStake is a system of smart contracts that optimize staking yield by allocating Chainlink to the highest yielding nodes. An off-chain oracle monitors capacity, penalties, and other metrics to optimize allocation. Easily and efficiently stake Chainlink across multiple node operators.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone that owns Chainlink is eligible to stake it. However certain jurisdictions my limit the legality of staking. You are solely responsible for determining your staking eligibility.

On the Chainlink network companies can pay nodes to provide them with data (currency prices, random numbers, etc.). Some nodes allow you to stake Chainlink on them. If you stake Chainlink on a node and a company pays for data from that node, such as the price of Ethereum, a portion of that payment goes to you. This is a simplified explanation that does not cover all the risks involved, head over to our complete staking guide to learn more.

Individual Chainlink node operators set the underlying return rate depending on the number of staking participants. We take a commission on all rewards received, and the return rate for our customers reflects this commission. Our Current commission fee is 8% of staking rewards. The return rate stated by LinkStake is only a projection.

LinkStake allows you to easily stake Chainlink between multiple node operators. LinkStake monitors node payouts and other metrics to determine the optimal node distribution.

The rate of reward payout is determined by node operators.

A LinkStake off-chain oracle monitors Chainlink Mainnet data, to determine optimal Chainlink Staking allocation. Factors measured include: 

  • Collateral Capacity
  • Job Completion Rate
  • Response Time
  • Gas Price
  • Uptime
  • Fees
  • Jobs Assigned
  • Penalties Incurred

Stake Your Chainlink