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Chainlink Staking Yield Calculator ROI

Calculate your potential rewards from putting your Chainlink on a node.

How Much Will Chainlink Nodes Pay Out In Rewards?

Wondering how much you’ll get in rewards? Unfortunately, nobody knows yet since staking is not out. A similar cryptocurrency Tezos provides around a 6% yield. Since Chainlink is considerably harder to stake, the yield will most likely be higher than 6%. Some analysts estimate a yield between 10-15%.

Stake Your Chainlink

Maximize your Chainlink Staking Rewards

Once Chainlink Staking & LinkStake are live you’ll be able to earn Rewards with LinkStake. But we can’t let everyone in at once – join the waitlist now to secure your spot.

What does LinkStake do?

LinkStake allows you to easily stake Chainlink between multiple node operators. LinkStake monitors node payouts and other metrics to determine the optimal node distribution.

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