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Maximize your Chainlink Staking Rewards

Once Chainlink Staking & LinkStake are live you’ll be able to earn Rewards with LinkStake. But we can’t let everyone in at once – join the waitlist now to secure your spot.

What does LinkStake do?

LinkStake allows you to easily stake Chainlink between multiple node operators. LinkStake monitors node payouts and other metrics to determine the optimal node distribution.

LinkStake Risk Disclaimer

Attention! Please make sure that you understand the risks associated with the LinkStake system. The LinkStake smart contracts are experimental. You could lose all of your funds if the smart contracts are hacked or the funds are frozen. LinkStake is only appropriate for sophisticated investors who understand LinkStake’s technology, the affiliated opportunities, and general ownership of digital assets.

LinkStake provides this interface as an easy way to deposit assets into Smart Contracts, but has no control over the smart contracts and provides no guarantees on asset security. Please do your own research, review the code, and help make Smart contracts safer for everyone using it.

LinkStake is not a registered investment advisor or broker-dealer and does not provide investment advice, brokerage services or custody with respect to digital assets or securities. LinkStake is not a fiduciary and has no responsibility to manage, monitor or report on your assets. LinkStake does not guarantee any investment performance, outcome, or return of capital for any investment opportunity listed on the site. You accept all consequences of depositing assets into a smart contract.

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